HD-CVi & HD-TVi Technologies

HDTVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface) is the HD Video transmission Interface. HDTVI technology can be implemented in existing simulation on a transmission line reliable kop HD video signal transmission. The core of HDTVI technology is HDTVI chip, on the front end cameras and back-end encoder respectively increase the sending and receiving chip, improve data transmission distance, through a advanced image processing technology and back-end encoding technology, further enhance the image quality, at the same time, avoids the shade of the simulation system inherent CVBS crosstalk phenomenon, the luminance and chrominance separation thoroughly. In other words it is a Respectably High Quality Image.

HDCVI ( High Definition Composite Video Interface) is a solution for megapixel high definition applications, featuring non-latent long-distance transmission at a lower cost. The name has to do with its baseband and quadrature amplitude modulation technology, which is able to avoid CVBS cross talk, completely separate brightness and hue signal, and further enhances video quality. The HDCVI solution incorporates both cameras and DVRs. The system is star topology structured — the DVR serves as a node for an over coax P2P (Point-to-Point) transmission to the camera. The technology offers two specifications: 1080p (1920×1080) and 720p (1280×720). In addition, the technology features the Auto Signal Compensation (ASC) patent, which only allows an extremely low signal distortion along long-distance transmissions.

We cannot just choose 1 Technology to bring in to our California Warehouse so we have brought in both of them to offer to our customers. We will be releasing the 1080P HD-CVI Cameras Mid January. The HD-TVI DVR’s and Cameras will be released the 21st of December. As a reminder to everyone we have all technologies (HD-IP, HD-SDI, HD-CVI, HD-TVI, HD-AHD and Analog) available to purchase directly to OEM from our Parent Company ( Shenzhen Yuxin ) in China.

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