About us

Quality products backed with a two year warranty
Options to buy OEM with your own company branding
Southern California office stocked with inventory & spare parts

CAMSTAR USA is a designer and manufacturer of professional video surveillance equipment. Our company is based in Southern California and in the past fifteen years CAMSTAR has become one of the leading surveillance video manufacturers in China. With offices in both the USA and China, CAMSTAR USA combines the low cost benefit of buying direct from a Chinese manufacturer, with the ease and familiarity of working with an American company. CAMSTAR USA has a diverse product line that includes Dome, Waterproof IR Bullet, Box, Mini Board, and OEM cameras.


At CAMSTAR USA, we take the time to listen to our customers in the United States and around the world. Our company understands the challenges that companies have today. Let’s face it, the ways that customers shop have changed, the culture has changed, and the security market has changed with the growth of the Internet.

Imagine being able to present to your customers the same quality video surveillance equipment as your very own Company Brand, with your company logo printed on the equipment (not just a sticker), and with your company catalog number. This OEM equipment carries same quality and the same two year warranty as the CAMSTAR USA video equipment that comes off the shelf. Wouldn’t your customer feel safer knowing that they are buying your own company brand?

CAMSTAR USA is committed to making sure that your company is successful with your sales. Spare parts and back up inventory is kept locally at our Southern California facility. CAMSTAR USA will switch out or repair as needed to assure a quick turnaround service.

OEM prices are typically less money than straight off the shelf prices because there is a minimum order of 50 units for OEM purchases. Call CAMSTAR USA today to learn why this OEM option may make sense for your business.