Dahua Vs Hikvision

Dahua Vs Hikvision

Two of the biggest names in HD camera solutions are Hikvision and Dahua, both of whom are major contenders in the video surveillance market overall; Hikvision, for example, doesn’t just create HD analogue solutions, but focuses on every other aspect of video security currently in use by businesses and higher-end domestic properties.

Dahua’s major product for the HD analogue market is HD CVI. When it was first revealed, HD CVI was said to combine the simplicity and price of analogue with complete HD video.

Hikvision, however, (in association with Techpoint) released HD TVI CCTV soon after which immediately seemed to improve upon the quality of HD CVI.

Now, approximately a year after the release of HD CVI, our team of specialists have decided to take another look at the two formats to double check whether HD-TVI CCTV still has the advantage over its competitor.


Which Has The Most Diverse Range?

Now, in terms of range, there is no denying that Dahua has the slight advantage. Dahua have around 50 cameras in their range, whilst Hikvision have a little over 20 different models. All of Hikvision’s designs are designed as either bullets or domes, which gives them an advantage in terms of style, whilst Dahua seems to focus primarily on larger-scale cameras.

Which Is The Most Suitable For Hybrid DVR?

All Hikvision Turbo HD models support analogue cameras on all forms of input, along with a number of IP channels. The only real issue with Hikvision models is that there is very little in terms of third-party support, meaning that video surveillance systems work best when using Hikvision products entirely, although there are many ways that certain systems can be integrated and updated to HD TVI CCTV with very little trouble.

When it comes to Dahua, their wider range is let down by the fact that, if you want any integration at all, you need to purchase the more expensive Tribrid models.

Which Is Easier To Maintain?

This is where the Hikvision cameras really pull ahead of Dahua models. Hikvision works with many partners across Europe and the Americas, and also provides dedicated support when required. Dahua, for their part, are fairly poor in terms of support as they depend on their partners for sale, and there are very few companies which use Dahua products outside of China.

Many of these partners also sell only a limited selection of Dahua’s range, which can make them much more difficult to get hold of in the first place, and can also make finding repairs or replacements that much harder.